Updated : Oct 29, 2019 in Dating and Sex

Slim Down With the Sex Diet

Everybody wants a slim and good looking physique to buy there are only a few who dare to follow strict diets and workout routines in their life.

Apart from workout and food diets, busty babes escorts have an easier solution to get slim with a different kind of diet.

Escorts named it a sex diet. But a diet is about food and eating less right? Wrong.

This sex diet is not like a normal diet where you have to give up your favorite foods and follow boring and strict routines.

A sex diet is a form of a diet mixture of several sex positions, routines and delicious foods that you eat with your normal food. A combination of these will help you in maintaining weight and getting stronger and leaner.

These are:-

  • Consuming foods which increase your sex life:- Super busty escorts recommend consuming and minerals like bananas, pomegranate, nuts, peas, eggs, cherries, etc., as these foods increase blood flow, detoxify the arteries and blood vessels, improve hormones, and provides a higher fertilization to both men and women.
  • Getting an exercise routine:-mature escorts over 50 recommend a proper exercise routine that targets cardiovascular health and several muscle groups that used mostly for orgasm and performing sexual activities.

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