Updated : Oct 29, 2019 in Dating and Sex

Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

  • Doggy style:- doggy style is a flexible sex position recommended by las vegas bdsm. In this position, you get direct penetration inside the vagina in a straight angle which provides maximum reach to male partners.
  • Leapfrog:- leapfrog is similar to a flatiron position. In this position, the female raises her hips high giving room for deep penetration.
  • Seashell:- seashell is an advanced version of missionary where females spread her legs providing good space to males for penetration. bdsm in las vegas say this position works best for a slow penetration as well.
  • Against the wall:-escort recommends this position because you have a higher angle of penetration providing a straight and deep penetration into her vagina. This position works well for both normal and shower sex.
  • Wheelbarrow:- wheelbarrow is a sex position in which your partner lifts your lower area from your hips and legs wrapped around. This position gives the deepest penetration according to escorts.
  • Pinball wizard:- with wide spread legs and deep thrust, pinball wizard gives an intense penetrative experience. This position can be customized as you can place your legs over his shoulder for better sex.

Using these bdsm las vegas recommended sex positions in your bedroom or bathroom sex, you can get a deeper penetrative experience without compromising with her orgasm and satisfaction.

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